How To Resolve When A Macbook Sound Is Not Working?

Have you tries all the basic things to check the sound problem? Check by dragging the soundbar up and down, tap on the speaker icon to unmute the sound. If nothing has changed and you still unable to head the sound on your Mac device, follow the steps mentioned to help you get your problem resolved. Connect our technical advisor at Apple Service Center NZ and get fix all the uncertain problems in no time. The team daily resolves thousand of issues to ensure great satisfaction through their solutions. You can dial our helpline number and get fix the sound issue in less possible time. Our executive value your precious time, thus we deliver the fastest backend support to the millions.

Moreover, you can follow the steps mentioned by our great team to resolve the problem without any help-

  • Turn off your laptop and then turn it on again. Play any music or audio to check if there is definitely no sound coming. You can play songs from iTunes or any audio file.
  • Turn up the volume key or press the F12 key of the keyboard.
  • Now, check the sound on a different application, open safari and play any video to check the sound quality. Check the screen properly; make sure the sound icon is not muted.
  • Try to plug the earphone, check your headphone socket and make sure there are no earphones connected to your device. Turn off the Bluetooth; this will disconnect your laptop if it is connected to any device near you.
  • Disconnect you the peripheral not just from the audio port but the AC power adapter as well.
  • Remove debris from the audio jack. There may be something blocking the port. Use a vacuum air to remove the dirt settle in the audio port. You can also try to blow into the port to see if you can diagnose a problem like this.
  • Update your Apple software and ensure you are running the latest version of the Mac OS X or macOS.
  • Go to the system preferences and tap on sound. Click on the Output tab and select the internal speakers. Check the mute beside the Output Volume is not turned off.

If none of these resolved your problem, you can consider taking our expert's help at Apple Repair Centre. Here our diligent team of experts will ensure you the perfect troubleshooting steps for the issue you dealing with. The team is experienced thus we guarantee you genuine and suitable solutions.

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